The name “porcini” is Italian for “little piglet,” but actually refers to several varieties of mushrooms. The porcini most familiar to American consumers is the Boletus edulis, also known as King Bolete, Cep, and Penny Bun mushrooms. Porcini Mushrooms are among the most highly aromatic and flavorful of all mushrooms available commercially. They have a rich, nutty aroma reminiscent of the wooded hillsides on which they grow and a deep, meaty flavor. Porcinis grow in a symbiotic relationship with trees and are often found poking up out of the discarded leaves beneath their branches. They are closely related to bolete mushrooms, and when fresh the two varieties can best be differentiated by the gills hanging from the bottom of porcinis’ caps, while boletes have a spongy network of tubes.

The gentle drying process intensifies both the aroma and flavor of dried porcini mushrooms with the added benefit of preserving them for future uses. Dried porcini mushrooms can be used in nearly all preparations calling for fresh porcinis. In cuisine, the Porcini mushroom is characterized by a strong, nutty flavor and its versatility of use in a variety of different preparations and cooking methods. Porcini Mushrooms are graded according to their size, color, aroma and other factors. We carefully source our Porcini Mushrooms from a variety of international vendors to guarantee our supply of the finest Grade B Porcinis available

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